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This extremely simple Twitter client demonstrates the new MonoTouch ( framework. This framework allows you to build iPhone and iPod Touch applications using C#. The application is by no means full-featured but covers a variety of core MonoTouch development topics. In order to build this project, you will need both a Mac running either Leopard or Snow Leopard as well as an evaluation copy of MonoTouch, available for download at

I built this application live at the Dallas C# Special Interest Group (, hence the name SigTweet. You can view the session in its entirety at Additional MonoTouch resources can be found at Enjoy!

NOTE: Provide your Twitter account information in iPhone settings. You can not configure your account through the SigTweet application itself. Typically you would want to allow the user to configure their account through the application, but, as this is a teaching tool, I wanted to demonstrate the use of configuration with MonoTouch. Just to recap, in order to configure your Twitter account information, choose Settings > SigTweet.

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